Self-Care is Not Selfish

As leaders, we are often on the go with little to no time to tend to ourselves. When not putting out fires at work, we are putting out fires at home or possibly setting a few under people to inspire them to get moving. But in the midst of all of that, when do we take the time to slow down and practice self-care.

Self-care is an activity that is completed intentionally in order to take care of one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. As leaders and aspiring leaders, it is vital that we take the time to care for ourselves, as others are depending on us to do so!

​When practiced effectively, good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It is also vital to a good relationship with yourself, your family, and with the group, you work with or lead! Watch the Behind the Scenes spa day experience with the amazing team at Neroli Day Spa.

…good self-care is key to improved mood… 


Author: lacirobbins

I am Dr. Laci C. Robbins, an award-winning leader, personal development strategist, and leadership consultant. I support current women leaders to turn their skills, background, and knowledge into a profitable leadership platform. To go from the process of figuring it out, to leadership in practice.