Legal Eagle?

Hi Ladies!
Did I ever tell you how I once wanted to be an attorney? I was SERIOUS about choosing a different path from my family of preachers, teachers, and service men and getting out of the box!
out of the box
I started as a biology major at Fisk University in Nashville which lasted for about one semester and I quickly realized this too wasn’t for me. I switched to an English major and began the path of law. Always an avid reader, majoring in English was natural and my favorite classes would be anything in relation to the Harlem Renaissance. 

Yet, summers between my Sophomore and Junior year, I completed a (paid) law internship and HATED IT! There was no way I could continue my life on this path, knowing it would not bring me joy. And so, like my family, I would become a teacher and later a principal and even though I knew, while I was good at it, more was ahead.

I’d quit my job after being a principal for 6 years and move to Florence Italy! Studying art, working for an English speaking newspaper and reconnecting with myself my journey would begin a different trajectory. It was on this journey where my Masters and Doctorate Degrees in leadership would start to make sense. Where I would realize God has a greater plan and it begins on the soil I know. 

What plan is it that God has for your life? At times we can come to the conclusion that our destiny is our own, but in fact, it’s been designed by God. We simply have to keep going. The promises over our lives does not change. While my career in non-profit management now exceeds that of my years in formal education, I still find myself “teaching” through conferences, courses and coaching to amazing women from all over the world! Why, because it IS my destiny to do so. The process may not always look pretty or even as we would hope, but it is progression. What process are you in today? Share below and empower someone else! 

Author: lacirobbins

I am Dr. Laci C. Robbins, an award-winning leader, personal development strategist, and leadership consultant. I support current women leaders to turn their skills, background, and knowledge into a profitable leadership platform. To go from the process of figuring it out, to leadership in practice.