What Would You Say?


What uniqueness would you share, about you, if you had only 12 minutes?  That was Engel Jones’ objective when I joined him this winter as guest number 2278 on his podcast 12 Minute Conversations.

Engel was born and raised on the Caribbean twin island of Trinidad and Tobago and he loves great conversations. As a part of his podcast, Engel’s passion is to help individuals find Y.O.U.R.S – Your Own Unique Real Self, through the story of someone else.

After having 1001 conversations in 3 months he uncovered Y.O.U.R.S, a concept used to reconnect you to your hidden passion and purpose which is essential to creating your personal brand.

Engel believes and lives the principle of Zig Ziglar, where you can have everything in life if you help enough other people get what they want! Is this a concept that resonates with you?

Curious what I had to say? Take the next 12Minutes to listen to my cold winter chat with Engel.  And don’t forget to share below something that’s unique about you when finished!


With Your Uniqueness in Mind,

Dr. Laci

Author: lacirobbins

I am Dr. Laci C. Robbins, an award-winning leader, personal development strategist, and leadership consultant. I support current women leaders to turn their skills, background, and knowledge into a profitable leadership platform. To go from the process of figuring it out, to leadership in practice.