Is Success Overrated?

How do I define success?

The late Zig Ziglar was one of the most respected modern day experts on success, motivation, and leading a balanced life. In his book Born to Win!, he argues that success cannot be defined in one sentence, but instead it is comprised of many things. 

Well, at this time of the year, I am already planning my close of 2019, so it’s a great time to take a look back, while also looking forward.

Currently, I am booked into 2020, and there’s still space I am holding for new experiences and new clients. 

I see my success as a reflection of those around me.  

I offer gratitude. I am thankful that the Lord has equipped me with a gift and desire to share it. I am grateful for a family that doesn’t mind if I work a little bit longer or arrive to vacation a few days late. I am thankful for every time someone entrusts me to train their organization or coach them into a new season. I am grateful that the process is progress. This is ONE WAY I define success. 

Knowing that you can create your own definition, I encourage you to put in writing what success is for you and to share it with others. Your words have power and by doing this you give your goals life! 

Where to begin? Remember, that YOUR success should always derive from the values and principles that you hold dear (for me it’s seeing myself as God sees me). Make a list of these values and compare them to the life you are currently experiencing. What’s the result…

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With Your Success in Mind,

Dr. Laci


Author: lacirobbins

I am Dr. Laci C. Robbins, an award-winning leader, personal development strategist, and leadership consultant. I support current women leaders to turn their skills, background, and knowledge into a profitable leadership platform. To go from the process of figuring it out, to leadership in practice.