Finally Rid Yourself of the Roadblocks to
Your Goals!

In 2019, What will your plan be?

In 2018 WOMEN started 1,821 new U.S. Businesses per day...

The private conversations you have with yourself can be either a powerful stepping stone or a major obstacle to reaching your goals. What are you telling yourself? If your inner monologue repeats things like, “I’m going to embarrass myself,” or “No one is going to take me seriously” you won't operate from your best place.  In fact, often times, those negative predictions can quickly turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy!

In 2019, what will

your plan be? 

Perhaps you didn't get that promotion at work or start that business you hoped to launch or your book is still just an idea. It's great to set goals, but it's a reality that they are not always met within the timeframe we had hoped.

Rather than feeling down about what you didn't do in 2018, take this time to reflect and re-evaluate! It's time to change trajectories! Are your bags packed? Because I know you are headed to greatness and it starts with a B.O.S.S Move! 

The B.O.S.S. Basics Mastermind Tackles 3 Key Areas:


Recently I was asked, “What can I do to move ahead in my career?” Simply put, women need to Take More Risks To Become Leaders!

I advocate that women take CALCULATED risks on the basis that they are essential for moving forward. And rather than listen to the criticism, focus on the manifestation of each goal and realize that it may also mean moving to a different department or even company!

What’s your strategy when it comes to taking a risk? Not sure, it starts with discovering what matters most to you!


We all have experienced a dream, vision, or hope for the future.

The sad thing is we tend to leave “IT” in the future and “Some Day” never comes. Ambivalence is 1 of the 7 Pitfalls for Women Leaders! Not knowing what you want and more so how to get “IT” can be paralyzing! 

I teach my clients how to not only identify their next goal, but also practical tips and techniques, with the how to obtain it!


Job openings in the U.S. continue to exceed the number of unemployed people, with 1 million more positions available in October 2018 than those Americans actively seeking work, per the Labor Department. The information, real estate, and education industries were seeking the most help! 

Until March of 2018, job openings never exceeded the number of those looking for work in the 17 years since record-keeping began. Companies are ready to invest in people. Will you be ready with the talent to meet their needs? 

I’m Dr. Laci Robbins and my goal is to support and coach current and aspiring women leaders through education and empowerment.

I am an award winning leader, applying both my Masters and Doctorate Degrees in leadership, with an emphasis in professional practice and neuroscience (specifically metacognitive theory).

My experience is rooted in the field of education and non-profit management. And over the course of nearly 15 years I have been blessed to study at my dear Fisk University, Harvard, and even NASA! And most recently, I have served the local Milwaukee community and abroad through a creative visual practice, as well as, in my role as Executive Director for a local non-profit company, winning awards along the way.

Are you thinking?

"Okay, Dr. Laci that sounds good, but will this really work for me?" 

 The Journey begins January 17th and

here's how you can apply this to your life in just 4 weeks:



  • Secure your copy of  VIP: An Action Guide for Leaders 
  • Get LAZER focused on  your goals for life or business
  • Gain strategies on becoming more productive in 2019
  • Begin the path to escape your traditional 9-5  



  • Uncover your worth
  • Develop a business foundation including a strategic plan, a strategic marketing strategy, and business systems
  • STOP ROWING! And ditch the overwhelm associated with the process
  • Discover how to stay inspired to see your goal to the end



  • Learn how to silence the Inner Critic
  • Develop and use your influence and position as a place of power in the room
  • How to cope when Friends and Family don't support your choices, goals, or next steps



  • Make more money with a tailor crafted plan
  • Zero in on financial and milestone goals
  • Cash in your work week and ditch the 9-5 
  • Develop a plan for your money
  • Lower stress via work-life effectiveness


My Clients... 

Ayanna L. - Hospital Administration

"Dr. Laci, I had the opportunity to watch today's Empowerment Climb (process to practice) and it was so helpful! I'm too excited for the next session. Honestly, I feel like God has made this accessible to help me grow and develop into an effective leader. Thank you so much for sharing and imparting to others like myself!" 

Angela E. - Law Research Specialist

"You give us so much to think about! I learned to visualize what I want to see-- not only visualize, but speak it... and give it legs." 

Sharyn W- CEO of ACME

"The morning was a blessing. Those who were not there missed out! God knows what we need and when we need it.  Lord knows I needed today's discussions, bonding, and networking with strong women leaders of color! Peace and Blessings." 

What You'll Get When You Purchase Today!

VIP: An Action Guide for Leaders

What’s the BEST that could happen? You are successful?! You achieve your vision?! VIP: An Action Guide for Leaders, goes beyond your annual vision board instead, it serves as an explicit application of the process of implementing success. It takes into account introspection, self-reflection, and recording of such in a place to be revisited. Download today with your purchase!

The Power is inYour HANDS!

Have you ever made up your mind that you are ready for something greater, but then when it starts to happen you slip into a Texas Two-Step?! This was me!

I opened my schedule, because I decided I wanted to accept more speaking engagements, but as the engagements started to come, I began to hesitate. AND THEN I PAUSED!

Wait a minute, I had just prayed AND set my intentions for more speaking engagements and here they are. Why am I backing away from them? At that point, my mind was made up and I was ready to share with leaders around me. This mindset shifted my speaking to multiple engagements in one month, in fact 2 engagements in 1 weekend!

Don’t let 1 of the 7 Pitfalls for Women Leaders— AMBIVALENCE hold you captive. Know what you want, make your mind up and go for it!

Make a B.O.S.S. Move today!

"Thank you for such an awesome presentation, information, and reading list!"

Jasmine B.

Madison Non-Profit Day Attendee

Secure your seat for only $497 today!
The journey begins January 17th!


Investment In You!


The truth is you don't NEED a coach. You WANT a coach, and there is a difference. And the decision to get one makes you a very smart woman! There is no need to prolong the process of success. A coach can help get you to where you want to be much faster than trying to do it yourself or alone. My LIVE group 1:1 coaching programs start at $1,200-- so this investment is a HUGE difference from my normal coaching rate, but...I know the power of coaching and the transformation that can come with it and I choose to sow a seed in no more than 12 women, because I know they will have a harvest and I want to see them WIN with a dynamic B.O.S.S. Move! 

I want you to take advantage of this opportunity, ONLY if you are ready to make shifts in your life, and ONLY if you are ready to move your life and business towards more money, authenticity and agility. If you are looking for someone to mentor you and guide you, someone that makes you feel supported, and holds you accountable to your goals then sign up for only $497 today to secure your seat! 

Let's step into your dreams today!

Dr. Laci


The list goes on and I love seeing women win! Don't delay, the best thing is I get to share these same attributes with YOU when we work together! 


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