When you know your Why...
the What makes sense!

I believe the power to lead exists in all of us! Agreed?

My experience is rooted in the field of education and non-profit management. Over the course of nearly 15 years I have been blessed to study at my dear Fisk University, Harvard, and even NASA! And most recently, I have served the local Milwaukee community and abroad through a creative visual practice, as well as, in my role as Executive Director for a local non-profit company, winning awards along the way.

BOSS, my mission is to train organizational management on the essentials of talent retention and organizational culture. 

Answering my Why...

I quit my job after being a principal for six-years and moved to Florence, Italy! Studying art, working for an English speaking newspaper, and reconnecting with myself; my journey would begin a different trajectory. It was on this journey where my both Masters and Doctorate Degrees in leadership would start to make sense. Where I would realize God has a greater plan and it begins on the soil I know. 

In 2017 my husband and I founded Robbins’ Nest Consulting. As an award winning leader, personal development strategist, and consultant. I train organizational management on the essentials of talent retention and organizational culture. I support current women leaders who are ready to turn their knowledge and expertise into a profitable leadership platform. To go from the process of figuring it out, to leadership in practice!

In conjunction with special programs, I have participated as a guest with Alverno College, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Marquette University, Northwestern University, Milwaukee Public Schools, and even as an expert via a TEDx.

Grab Your stilettos and let's Go!

And so, Robbins' Nest Consulting is my what  and it makes total sense. I've been given the opportunity to work with so many amazing people and organizations. I love seeing people win, build community, and connect with their purpose. You are no different!

Thank you for joining me on this journey and for entrusting me to share my knowledge and background in your personal growth. Today is your opportunity to begin a new trajectory! I’m thanking God in advance for you and for the many women (and men) yet to come and join this wonderful experience and journey of success. 

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What Others Say


"Thanks for being a BOSS! Your session was a great start to the day and I enjoyed our table time."

Jessica G.Program Coordinator


"I learned about being more intentional about my purpose, how others can assist in keeping you accountable... 

Dr. Laci is the bomb.com! For real, don't just allow today to be left in today, but be intentional about creating purpose!"

Dr. Berdie C.Director


"Plan your work, work your plan"

Nita F.CEO & Founder, Notable Income Tax & Accounting

Are you ready to answer your Why?

Authentic leadership is your legacy, created by the work done, while given the title of authority to do so, grounded in research and best practice, but in the end, integrity is the foundation of all effective leadership.

Boss, you have so many gifts to share with the world! Let's partner together to increase empowered and equipped women leaders with sustainable skills and strategies. 

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