Can You Be TOO Driven?

For six years… I worked as an elementary school principal. I was so DRIVEN that I literally DROVE people away … and yes while we earned our way to be a model school in literacy for the district, what did it really cost? I think this cams top of mind as I was heading to… Read More

A Dozen is More Than Doughnuts

BOSS, People become leaders through identity and purpose. A person asserts leadership through intentional and purposeful action. As a result of the interactions, the aspiring leader’s sense of self is shaped and communicated! Here are the Top 12 Reasons Why You Need to Take Your Seat at The Suite Life Social™ 1. To Build Business… Read More

4 Steps to Respond and Strengthen Staff Relationships

BOSS! As leaders, we are often ready and able to give feedback. You know, improve this, better strategize that, but how good are you in accepting feedback from your team members or staff as their leader? It is easy to feel criticized when you are on the receiving end of the comments, but if you… Read More

What Would You Say?

Ladies! What uniqueness would you share, about you, if you had only 12 minutes?  That was Engel Jones’ objective when I joined him this winter as guest number 2278 on his podcast 12 Minute Conversations. Engel was born and raised on the Caribbean twin island of Trinidad and Tobago and he loves great conversations. As… Read More