Complimentary Career Assessment & Strategy Session...

A session for current or aspiring leaders, offering high-value, information, with direct transformation, which ends with ideas, clarity and action steps. 

  • If you are accepting the fact that what you are doing is not working as well as it used to
  • If you are interested in tapping into my years of leadership experience, education, and background
  • If you are ready to learn, open to fresh ideas, perspective, and desire to accelerate your process
  • If you are motivated, ready to grow, but not quite sure where to begin

Start with a Complimentary Career Assessment & Strategy Session...

 Session Benefits

A dedicated private time to ask questions, review your complimentary career assessment, and receive strategic advice in business, leadership, or life. Use this time as a strategy session to go from the process of figuring it out, to leadership in practice.  Each participant leaves with a strategic map to begin!

Feedback & Insight

Prior to our time together, complete a brief, but detailed complimentary career assessment.

Process to Practice

Recorded for your reference and review on demand. Receive a strategic map for implementation 

20 Minute Session

Prepare to be stretched out of your comfort zone. This meeting is virtual and take place anywhere. Includes specific resources and a clear plan of action.

Partnership Potential

Begin your journey! Our partnership is the first step to learn how to awaken the leader in you.

"As a young professional looking to grow in my career, it is always a pleasure to have an opportunity to speak with women who have already been down the path I’m looking to embark on. Dr. Laci is a GEM! She was readily available to meet and was completely open and honest in our conversation. The ‘BOSS 90’ session was not only informative, but encouraging - I left the conversation with a number of things to think about and some immediate action items I could incorporate in both my personal and professional life. I was also intrigued to learn about Dr. Laci’s programming and am looking forward to working with her further in the future!"

Jade H. - Business Analyst

HOw do You define Success?

Don’t just look at corporate leadership as the benchmark of success. Women leaders are in all areas and industry. My goal is to support you along the way. Let's chat so you never miss a tip or technique to take you from classroom to the boardroom. It’s Time!

what I love most about working with women leaders...

They are committed to putting in the work. They may not always understand how they got there, but remain open to the path of process to help up-level both personally and professionally.

I consider myself quite fortunate to be a part of their personal investment in self. Ready? Let's begin.

What Others Say


"I learned about being more intentional about my purpose and how others can assist in keeping you accountable... Dr. Laci is the! For real, don't just allow today to be left in today, but be intentional about creating your purpose!"

Dr. BC

Veterans Administration 


Thanks for being a BOSS! Your session was a great start to the day and I enjoyed our table time

Jessica G.

Program Coordinator 


I wanted to follow up with you and share again how much I appreciate you... You have been a champion for me! I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow... You are a great example of a strong black woman making changes in the city. I respect you and honestly look up to you.  

Chanel W.


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