Do You Trust Yourself?

BOSS, Can you be trusted?  Competent leaders use influence to affect change and motivate people. Amy Cuddy explains that, “the best way to gain influence is to combine warmth and strength.” Trustworthiness increases these two factors essential to great leaders. When you are ready to operate from YOUR place of successful influence, you must make… Read More

4 Steps to Respond and Strengthen Staff Relationships

BOSS! As leaders, we are often ready and able to give feedback. You know, improve this, better strategize that, but how good are you in accepting feedback from your team members or staff as their leader? It is easy to feel criticized when you are on the receiving end of the comments, but if you… Read More

You Have the Power!

BOSS, Recently I have been asking women, “How are you using your power?” The responses have been varied to say the least, but unfortunately, some of our sisters don’t even realize they have power! Each and every one of us has been given a specific designated amount of power. Now, I don’t necessarily mean from the… Read More