Intensive Support towards Success

Collapse months of leadership coaching into a single day!

Sample Topics: Skill Mastery Intensive

Getting Started!

Jump-start your journey to get to your first milestone! 

Set your Vision, become inspired by the world around you and achieve clarity in your purpose-- overcoming fear along the way

Writing a book

What's Next?

Addressing where women get STUCK. A VIP day around pushing through the plateau!

 A client guide into the next level of leadership from networking, to interview strategies, to negotiating hiring packages

Changing careers


A customized process based on need and for specific results into practice!

How to create and follow success principles to overcome a Pitfall of Women Leaders and secure YOUR seat at the Table 

Responding to a criticism 


Working with Dr. Laci I learned...To know your purpose, you have to know yourself as well and know your capabilities. You give us so much to think about! I learned to visualize what I want to see-- not only visualize, but speak it... and give it legs.​


Angela E. Law Research Specialist

Discovery Call 

Use this time to share your needs and ideas as we begin to craft a real and attainable difference in your life. Start to imagine your desired outcome as you begin the process of sharing your concerns. This is the first step in the process of gaining clarity, insight, and a detailed direction towards intensive support. 

The Vip Intensive is for...

  • Women who want accelerated growth and a fast track to your success with instant actionable and fast results!
  • Women who are ready to work smarter not harder to transform and get ‘unstuck’ but need guidance and expertise!
  • Women who are ready to switch from surviving to thriving mode, take committed action and believe you deserve your success!

Who is the Vip Intensive Not For...

  • Women who are satisfied with the status quo.
  • Women who do not enjoy a fast paced work environment focused on results.
  • Women who prefer to take things at a slower pace and in their own time (Try a Pick my Brain Session).

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