Vision Inspired Purpose: 2019!
12.30.18 | 3:00pmCST

Finally Rid Yourself of the Roadblocks to Your Goals


These are your possibilities...

I am Dr. Laci Robbins, an award winning leader. I support current and aspiring female leaders, to go from the process of figuring it out, to leadership in practice, via education and empowerment.

With both a Master's and Doctorate's degree in leadership, along with nearly 15 years experience in the field, I have positioned myself as a connector for women leaders, a resource for information on developing your career, and transparent with each personal exchange.

Add these essentials to your 2019...

Women leaders are on the rise. Books are being written, media outlets are weighing in by hosting forums and producing special reports, and affinity groups in the workplace are engaging and leaning in. 

Space is limited-- be ready to respond TODAY and secure your seat at the table!


Women as Leaders

Yes, statistically, there are more male leaders represented in most organizations. However, this does not preclude women from taking on leadership roles. 


Forget the 9 to 5

The full-time employment model no longer makes sense. Research and studies have shown that long working hours make you less productive.


Do Less, Lead More

Leadership and management problems are simple by nature and what we as leaders need to do is use trial and error methods in our managing style. 

What’s the BEST that could happen? You are successful?! You achieve your vision?! The Vision Inspired Purpose goes beyond your annual vision board party-- instead, it serves as an explicit guided application for the process of implementing success. 

Join other like-minded women as they begin to embark upon their best life in 2019! The FREE Webinar includes VIP: An Action Guide for Leaders resources and action materials. For the leadership and business-minded woman-- join now and don't delay, space is limited

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What are WOMEN Saying...

What do past clients think of the Dr. experience?

"You give us so much to think about! I learned to visualize what I want to see-- not only visualize, but speak it... and give it legs." 

Angela Euell

Law Research Specialist

"Thanks for being a BOSS! Your session was a great start to the day and I enjoyed our table time."

Jessica Gile

Program Coordinator

What You Will Learn...

  • Why does your vision matter? Identify three steps to begin a Vision Inspired Purpose
  • How do your roles in life impact your vision in life?
    Identify and clarify who you are and who you are
    striving to become.
  • How to be specific? Thought Partner conversations,
    funnel the key ideas and action steps.
  • How do you see yourself? Capture visually, the areas of your life, that will or currently align with your vision.

A 100% Investment in yourself!

I want you to take advantage of this opportunity, ONLY if you are ready to make shifts in your life and business towards more money, authenticity, and agility. If you are looking for someone to mentor you and guide you, someone that makes you feel supported, and holds you accountable to your goals then...sign up for this free webinar! 

Let's remove those roadblocks TODAY!

Dr. Laci

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